Научно-исследовательская лаборатория психологии совладающего поведения



Kostroma State University in cooperation with
Saint Petersburg State University
Russian Academy of Science Institute of Psychology, Russian
Psychological Society



Institute of Education and Psychology
Kostroma State University

Institute of Psychology Russian Academy of Science,
Faculty of Psychology, Saint-Petersburg State University,
and Russian Psychological Society


the V-th International Scientific Conference


is to take place in Kostroma from 26.09 till 28.09 2019


Main conference topics:

A contextual approach towards stress and coping

Psychology of health and well-being: coping capabilities

Coping development in ontogenesis (stress resistance, coping and age)

Modern society`s challenges: human coping resources

Psychology of close relationships and a family: coping with life difficulties

Stress management and coping in organizations

Non-coping, prevention and professional support

Stress and coping: psycho-diagnostics and psycho-technologies

Each area includes section work, discussion and /or master-classes. The following authors` master-classes are planned: Lagarakis, Stylianos (Athens, Greece) – a short–term group; Mikhaylova, Ekaterina (Moscow), Kulikov, Leonid (St. Petersburg), Gushchina, Tatiana (Kostroma), play-back theatre by Oxana Vishnevskaya and Tatiana Gushchina (Kostroma), etc.



prof. Kryukova T.L.(Kostroma State University) - chair, assoc.prof. Khazova S.А. (Kostroma State University), vice-chair; prof. Bodenmann G.(University of Zurich, Switzerland), prof. Belinskaya E.P. (Lomonosov Moscow State University), prof. Golovey L.A..(Saint Petersburg State University),  prof. Gordeeva Т.О. (Moscow Higher school of economics), prof. Dementii L.I. (Omsk F.M. Dostoevsky State University),academicianZhuravlev, A.L. (Institute of psychology, RAS), prof. Zhedunova L.G. (Yaroslavl state pedagogic university named K.D. Ushinsky), prof. Znakov V.V. (Institute of psychology,RAS), prof. Kashapov М.М. (Yaroslavl State University), prof.KwiatkowskaА. (Institute of psychology, Polish Academy of Science),prof. Kepalaitė А.,(Vytautas Magnus University - Kaunas, Siauliai State University, Lithuania), prof. Korjova E.Y. (Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia), prof. Kornilova Т.V. (Lomonosov Moscow State University), prof. Kulikov L.V. (St. Petersburg State University),prof. Kuftyak E.V (The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, KSU),prof. Labunskaya V.A. (Southeren Federal University), prof. Leonova A.B. (Lomonosov Moscow State University), prof. Leontyev D. A. (Moscow Higher school of economics),prof. Nartova-Bochaver S. K.. (Moscow Higher school of economics); Martsinkovskaya T.D. (Russian State University for the Humanities, L.S.Vygotsky Institute of Psychology),prof. Metz M. (Evangelist High school, Darmstadt, Germany), Corresponding Member of RAE Morosanova V.I., (Psychological Institute Russian Academy of Education); prof. Poddiakov, A.N. (Moscow Higher school of economics); prof. Prokhorov A.O. (Kazan Federal University),prof. Saporovskaya M.V. (Kostroma State University); prof. Simonova N.N. (Lomonosov Moscow State University, Northern (Arctic) Federal University), prof. ), Sergiyenko E.A. (Institute of psychology, RAS), Corresponding Member of the RAS Ushakov D.V (Institute of psychology, RAS), assoc. prof. Shaboltas A.V. (St. Petersburg State University),   prof. Kholmogorova A.B. (Moscow State University of Psychology and Education).



Naumov A.R. – Rector, (Kostroma State University/KSU), chair; Kryukova T.L. – Dr., prof., vice-chair (KSU); Samokhvalova A.G. – assoc. prof., co-chair (KSU); Adeeva T.N., assoc. prof. (KSU); Golubev V.V., assoc. prof. (KSU); Gushchina T.V., assoc.prof.; Ekimchik О.А., assoc.prof. (KSU); Isakova L.A. (KSU); Kamenskiy P.I. postgraduate (KSU); Kirpichnik, A.G., Dr. prof. (KSU); Kirpichnik O.V., postgraduate student (KSU); Korshikov B.N., postgraduate student (KSU); Krylova N.G., assoc. prof. (KSU); Krylova M.A., postgraduate student (KSU); Opekina T.P., assoc. prof. (KSU); Rumyancev Y.V., assoc.prof. (KSU); Saporovskaya M.V., assoc.prof. (KSU); Tikhonova I.V., assoc.prof. (KSU); Tikhomirova E.V., assoc. prof. (KSU); Khazova S.A., assoc.prof. (KSU); Shipova N.S., assoc.prof. (KSU); Sevastianova U.Y., assoc. prof. (KSU); Umanskaya I.A., assoc. prof. (KSU).



Postal Address: 156012, Kostroma, pos. Novi, 1, Kostroma State University, Department of general and social psychology

Phone: (4942) 49–21–50, fax: (4942) 49–21–50, (4942) 31–13–22.

All letters and faxes should be entitled: “Department of general and social psychology”

E-mail: coping2019@yandex.ru



To participate in the conference it`s necessary to register (see Appendix 1) and send it to the committee with your materials for including in the conference proceedings book (see Appendix 2). Please send your registration forms and materials till 15.07.2019to the e-mail address coping2019@yandex.ru entitled as “To the conference”.

We do not accept papers without registration forms or sent after 15.07.2019.

The collection of manuscripts will be reviewed and published by the beginning of the conference with the subsequent mailing to the leading libraries. The organizing committee reserves the right to refuse the materials not corresponding to the scope of the conference. The organizing committee will inform you about acceptance of materials to the collection on August the 25 th, 2019.

The conference registration fee is 1000 RUB (it is free for students) and should be paid by bank transfer. The fee includes: published materials, coffee breaks and participation in a number of master classes. The folder with materials necessary for work is provided to internal participants. The conference registration fee for the correspondence participants is 500 RUB. The fee includes published materials and a postage cost.

Accommodation may be suggested in Kostroma hotels and at the university hostel. Booking and accommodation cost is not included into registration fee. The booking of the university hostel should be mentioned in the registration form (limited number of rooms). Independent booking and accomodation in hotels is supposed and welcome. After getting an emailed registration form we’ll send you more information about hotels, accommodation and prices.



Papers should be of no more than 5 pages (A4 paper size);

– Format МS Word–1998–2003 with expansion *.doc;

– Font Times New Roman, size – 14, line spacing – 1, 5;

– Margins – 20 mm; paragraph – 1, 25 cm; full justification of the main text;

– Manuscript title – capital letters, semi bold, centre text justification;

– Through a line – the author(s) name (s), semi bold italics, centre text justification;

– The next line – the country, the city, the organization name, lower case letters, centre text justification;

– The next line – email address;

– The next line – the summary in the italics (no more than 500 signs with gaps), including aim of research/article and its main results/conclusions;

– Through a line – the main text, text justification – on width;

– The included graphic objects have to be grouped together;

– Use of paragraphs styles, automatic numbering and transfers isn't allowed;

– Allocations in the text are allowed only using italics and semi bold type, the discharge and underlining are not allowed;

– If necessary, references should be made out as follows: the author’s name should be written in parentheses, then through a comma – a year of the publication;

– The reference list (no more than 10 sources) – should be printed after the main text by font 10;

- Author(s) name(s), the manuscript title and the summary should be given at the end of the article in English.




for participation
in the V – th International Scientific Conference

26.09 - 28.09.201
9in Kostroma State University
(All columns should be filled)

1. Name  
2.  City, country  
3.  Affiliation  
4.  Position  
5.  Scientific degree  
6.  Rank  
7.  Subject of a Presentation  
8.  Presentation (a title; plenary, section presentation, poster)    
9.  Conference theme  
10.  Form of participation (participation with an oral presentation, a poster, master-class or publication of materials without participation)  
11.  Necessary technical support: equipment for multimedia presentation, overhead projector, other equipment  
12.  Contact phone (with a city code)  
13.  Fax  
14.  E-mail  
15.  Postal address (including postal code)  
16.  Arrival/departuredates  
17.  Accommodation (hostel/hotel) Please, specify  



An example of a paper presentation



M.L. Gorchakova, U.V. Lykodrev

Kostroma State University, Kostroma, Russia

E-mail: defrag@mail.ru


Social stresses and problems of coping behavior in Russian society have become an issue   of great interest (main text) … (Brazhnikov, 2003).


1.National psychological idea of the higher education development problems. – M.; Staraya gvardiya, 2003. – 221 pages (P. 54-56)